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How being late can ruin your professional career

Being late, or *tardy* as they used to call it when I was in school, is, unfortunately, very common with a lot of people. And as a teacher, and a professional, I have seen how being late for many people is the number one reason why they fail in their career.

Many people are very proud of being late. You know the old expression that a person would be *late to their own funeral*. And it is pretty cool to be someone who is important enough to make people wait for them. I've never been that person, and frankly I've never known anyone who is that important, but I've known a lot of people who think they are.

Being late is a subtle etiquette issue. Criticizing someone to their face about the arrogance of making other people wait for them is just, well, bad manners. I'm not gonna do it - that's why I'm writing it here. And, to be fair, I have the quiet satisfaction of knowing that people who are always late will fail as compared to the people who are on time.

Being on time shows respect for the people around you. Being late, sorry to say, shows that you have no respect for the people around you.

One of my earliest lessons on this came from motivational speaker +JOEL WELDON , who says *if you're not early, you're late*. I was fortunate enough to meet Joel, and have him as a client, when I was in my twenties. Every appointment that I've ever been to I have planned to be there fifteen minutes early. That way, even if I'm fifteen minutes late, I'm still on time. I believe that this has made me succeed where others have failed. I'm no genius at Graphic Design, or Illustration, or teaching, I just know how to tell time, and how to show respect for the people I work for.

It's the little things that get you. If you are always saying, *Sorry, I'm late* or if your emails consistently begin with *Sorry it took me so long to get back to you*, you are simply advertising that you are a person who not only can't be trusted to get the job done, but that you have very little respect for the people you are working for. Would you hire you?