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The mysterious Facebook *Other* Messages

I often tell my clients how important it is to respond to messages, and how people think that you are *out of business* if they don't hear back from you. And so it's vitally important that you know where to get all of your messages, from email accounts, various social media, that sort of thing.

But if you look carefully at your Facebook Messages, next to Inbox, you will see *Other*. My brother discovered it today and posted it on Facebook, and it makes me feel better that no one else seems to have seen it, either. I consider myself pretty darn geeky, and have been using Facebook for many years, but I had never seen it. And it's a fascinating window into the past!

I found messages going back to 2009. Mostly it was just spam, which is what the *Other* Messages box is (it's Facebook's spam filter), but some of it was invitations to things, and one was a question about cycads from two years ago, which I would have liked to have responded to a little bit more promptly. I pride myself on responding, whether through comments on my blogs, or to inquiries sent to my professional contact page. And to think that for all of these years, I had no idea that these messages were even there!

Anyway, if this is news to you, go take a look. It's probably way too late to respond, but if you can, do so. And all of this makes me just a little bit more humble when I wonder why my clients aren't responding to inquiries.