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The worst mistake you can make in a blog post, and in public speaking

I just tried to read a blog post on a subject that interests me. Unfortunately, it was so poorly written that I had to give up, in frustration. And there is a lesson here - get to the point.

Blog posts, like amateur speakers, can be pretty painful to put up with. There is so much what I call *padding* before anything of any substance is spoken, and even during. Maybe there is a long, boring introduction, which is never necessary. The title of the blog post tells what you are going to be talking about. And then there is the typical *going off on a tangent*. A lot of boring speakers do this, and the audience isn't really listening, they are just being polite. If they could, they would hit the *fast forward* button!

Many people have interesting things to say, especially experts. If that's you, then by all means, write a blog post. But, please, get to the point.

Here is how to do it: Go ahead and write too much. Do the *as unaccustomed as I am to public speaking* nonsense. Do the *that reminds me of a story....* Mention a long list of people that you want to thank. Refer to your credentials, and be reminded of another story, when you were at school. Maybe go off on a tangent, and be reminded of another story. And then go off on another tangent, which has nothing to do with what you were originally talking about, but which your audience might find of interest. Then, delete all of that, and publish only the good stuff. You have important things to say! And I want to read it!

I hope this helps.