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July 20, 2014

Using a Chromebook while traveling

I really like having my own computer when I travel. I don't do work on it (I have a big super-duper Mac here with Adobe stuff on it that I use to do my graphic design and illustrations) and so I'm not even remotely tempted to try to replicate all of that on a laptop computer.

So, what I need, and what's very nice, is my own way to connect to the world when I'm away from here. And the Chromebook does that beautifully. It has a screen that is waaay bigger than any smart phone, and a full-size keyboard. I can do all of the really important stuff that I need to do while I'm away, such as watch Netflix and check my email, Google+, and Facebook. I can write a blog post or two, if I really want to.

With a Chromebook (or any device like it), you don't need a data plan. There is free Wifi everywhere I go, and that's all it needs. It cost me about $250 a couple of years ago, and that's it. No monthly fee, no need to hassle with the people at Verizon. I just went and bought it, set it up for Wifi here and where I travel, and that's it. You can buy a Chromebook just about anywhere, even Walmart.

If you're tempted to get a Chromebook (which I highly recommend), I recommend that you use the Chrome browser at home. I use a lot of Google products, like Google+ and Gmail, so the Chromebook's *Googly world* is pretty comfortable for me.

And, really, the cincher to the deal for me is price. When I travel, I realize that things can get lost, stolen, or broken. I would be more comfortable paying another $250-$300 for another Chromebook than, well, more for an iPad, or a fancy laptop computer. And if I'm out of town and I need to replace my Chromebook, I just find a Walmart, get a new one, put in my Google password, and I'm right back in business.

I like my Chromebook.

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