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July 20, 2014

Using Google+ photos and auto backup

The only way that I learn anything is by doing, so I'm experimenting mostly. So, few days ago, I enabled Google+ photos, and today I installed Google+ Photos auto backup. I have to admit that it's still kind'a puzzling to me, but this is what I know so far:

Most people are now taking photos on their phones and not really giving any thought to storing and naming files. Actually, this is a good thing. Conversations about file storage and file size give me a headache. I use computers to make my artwork, I'm not really a *computer guy*. And, if you follow me here, even though it's impossible to store so much data in a tiny device like a phone, or a tablet, it seems, logically, as if the photos should be *there*. And that *there* is really what has been come to be described as the Cloud.

This is a fundamental change away from file storage on your personal computer (PC) and to trusting your files to be stored remotely (the Cloud). But the reality is that the files have to be stored somewhere. And even though I've got a bazillion gigabites on my Mac, there is a limit. And there is a much less space on a device like a phone. So the solution is to offer free storage, up to a point.

To add these photos, select *from my phone*
Yes, Google will store all of your photos, for free. Up to a point. If you have thousands upon thousands of high-resolution images, eventually you will have to pay for storage. It's kind'a like someone who has filled up their garage with stuff they never look at, and has now had to pay for storage off site. But I wouldn't worry about it. I've already uploaded more high-res photos that most normal people ever would, and I haven't even begun to make a dent in the free storage.

Of course, all of the Google stuff is for amateurs. If you're a pro, you have a website that you pay for which includes storage space where you back up your files. So, my important stuff is stored by the nice people who host my website, Bluehost. I've been doing this for many years, and will continue to do so. But I'm an amateur, too! I like posting photos of my dog!

So, yeah, go ahead and use Google's stuff. It works well, and it does make organizing and sharing your photos easy. And it's kind of fun!

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