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July 5, 2014

What being *the talent* means, and why you really shouldn't use that term

If you've worked *behind the scenes*, whether as a photographer, an art director, a sound engineer, etc., you have probably heard the term *the talent*. In its simplest sense, it just means the person who is in front of the camera, or the microphone, but it has an, uh, unfortunate connotation.

*The talent* is a polite term for the person who is in the spotlight. For the people who are not in the spotlight, *the talent* is the person who messes up their lines, doesn't do what the art director says, and just generally makes things very difficult for everyone who is just trying to do their job. If you follow me on this, *the talent* is kind'a like the term *suspect*. Polite, but people know what it really means.

I have worked with talents, both professional and amateur, and believe me, it's hard on your nerves. The talent never appears to know what to do, nor are they ever ready, and they constantly need to be kept on task. And that's even if they're doing everything right. Sorry, it's just the nature of the relationship between the behind-the-scenes people and the in-front-of-the-scenes people.

So, try not to use the term *the talent* unless you're really frustrated, and are with people who will keep that comment to themselves. And never use it around the talent. And, whatever you do, never, ever, call yourself *the talent*. If you do, you may as well call yourself *the idiot*.

By the way, the guy in the photo is the only model that I ever worked with as an Art Director who seemed to know exactly what I wanted. Yeah, that's me.

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