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August 4, 2014

4 free, new and improved, secrets for marketing success

Marketing is everything that is done to create a demand for a product or service. And the first thing that you have to do as a marketing person is to attract attention. The sad fact is that even if you have a great product or service, if no one ever hears about it, it will fail.

Attracting attention can be risky. Before you attract attention, make sure that you have something to say. Nothing is more annoying to people than if they feel that they are being led to look at something, or click a link, and get nothing. So here are four things that you can do to attract attention:

  1. Be specific about the amount of information. For this blog post I chose the number four. It seems to be a reasonable amount. If I listed 1,000 reasons, then most people would react, as soon as they saw this post with, *too long, didn't read*. So, pick a number. And it's OK to have a bonus number (see last paragraph).
  2. Make if free. It's OK to use the word *free*. People like free stuff. I like free stuff, you like free stuff. *Free* is a wonderful marketing word. But be sure it really is free, like this is. This is no time to ask for money, even a little bit. That will offend.
  3. Make it fresh. Yes, you can use the word *new*. People like new stuff. This is a brand new blog post that I am writing. Keep an eye on what is no longer fresh, like *LOL Cats*. Pay attention to the world around you, especially the internet.
  4. Give away information. The word *secret* is used a lot, and people like to learn secrets. I think that if my geology teacher had started a class by saying that he was going to talk about the secrets of glaciers, I may have actually paid attention in that class. As it is, whatever secrets glaciers may have were never revealed to me.
Remember, if you promise a lot and deliver nothing, or very little, people will feel cheated. So promise a lot, and deliver more! And speaking of which, here is a bonus attention-getting secret: use a cartoon! I've been drawing cartoons for my clients for years, and it really does attract attention. And I know someone who draws cartoons - me! I am at your service!

Now get out there and attract attention to your great product or service!

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