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August 25, 2014

Air guitar artwork

When I first started teaching drawing classes, I was surprised when every once in a while a student would walk up to me and start describing what they were going to draw. I would listen intently, waiting for a question to be asked, as I really wanted to help. And then I realized that some people just like to talk about what they may, or may not, draw. And I came to call these people *air guitar artists*.

If you're not familiar with the concept of an *air guitar*, it just means someone standing there, going through the motions of playing a guitar, without actually playing a guitar. It includes the motions of strumming, facial expressions, motions of the body. It can even include some vocals. But it's not playing the guitar.

After a while, I learned to interrupt the *air guitar artists* and try to convince them that, instead of talking about their drawing, and waving their hands around, they should go pick up a pencil and draw. As you might expect, there were a lot of hurt feelings. But it was a drawing class, not a standing-there-talking-to-the-teacher class.

I distinctly remember one young man standing at my desk who was very eloquent. Most artists tend not to be very good in the way of public speaking, so I was actually impressed. This guy was a talker, and he was good. But I interrupted him, after complimenting his speaking skills, which was genuine, with the question as to whether he wanted to be an artist, or a speaker. He chose artist, and then realized that the thing to do was to go sit down and create art.

I still see a lot of *air guitar* artists. They will stand there, talking for hours, about what they're going to do. They will get on the phone and go on and on. When you ask them why they haven't finished, or even started, their artwork, they will say that they have been too busy. And I agree, they have been playing their air guitar.

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