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August 5, 2014

Getting a more realistic idea of how you are indexed in a Google search

Since I am interested in Search Engine Optimization, by which I mean getting a higher rating in a Google search, I want to know where my pages appear in a search. Most people, of course, aren't interested in this, they are just interested in getting the most relevant content. That is, when you do a search in Google, it learns a little bit about you each time, and gives you the name of Chinese food restaurants nearby, not in China.

Google calls this *Private results*. And if you're checking your posts and web pages in Google, and are surprised at how high your rating is, chances are you have Private results selected in your settings. It's the default, anyway.

Personally, I checked *Do not use private results* in my settings for Google. So the way that my pages and posts are indexed more closely shows what the average person (who isn't me) sees in a Google search.

To do this, go to your Settings in Google (it's the thing that looks like a a little gear or sprocket off to the right on any Google search page, go to Search Settings, and select *Do not use private results*. Then do a search again. You may find that you went from page one to page 27.

But don't despair! Keep doing the SEO stuff you know about, especially posting on Google+. It's a competitive world out there!

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