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August 16, 2014

Late for school, late for work

It wasn't until I started teaching college, in my late thirties, that I realized how difficult it was for most people to get anywhere, and especially to get anywhere on time, ready to work.

And I'm not just talking about the students, many of whom showed up looking as if they had just woken up ten minutes ago, unprepared, and, frankly, unable to function. I've seen many of my professional peers do the same thing, showing up for work at the last minute, or even late, and doing the best they could, which would have been so much better if they had arrived on time, prepared, and ready to work.

As a kid, my heroes were superheroes. When the call came to rescue the city from some scary monster, they were ready. They arrived ready to go. They did not arrive carrying around a cup of coffee, and wondering what they were there for? And they certainly didn't show up late, with that monster destroying building after building!

Being late for school, late for work, and late for just about everything seems to be an almost universal experience. When I listen to the audiences cheer at comedians who talk about this, I get a better idea of just how widespread being late is.

But waitaminute, I'm not telling you this just to rant. This is very good news if you can show up on time, prepared. You will find a welcoming world that will reward you with good grades, and good jobs, and good money.

If you would like to stop being late for school, and work, and start collecting the rewards in life that you deserve, it starts with looking at your self. When you make a promise to do something, do you spring to the task, or do you try to think of a good excuse out of your promise? Are you a superhero coming to rescue the city from a scary monster? If so, it's easy. Just show up. On time. Or even a little bit early. Be prepared, bring what you need.

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