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August 18, 2014

Using down time to polish up your skills

As a Graphic Designer, I've spent my life either rushing like crazy, or sitting around waiting. And since my first real job was working on an assembly line when I was 18, I much prefer excitement to boring repetition. And since I chose a world of excitement, I also had to deal with the boredom of down time. And I've always used that down time to polish my skills. Because I hate to do nothing.

I started doing Graphic Design as a freelancer. A freelancer is an old medieval term for a soldier who sold his services (his lance) to anyone who would pay. So he was either in a war, fighting for his life, or he was sitting around waiting for the next call to action. While waiting, he would sharpen his weapons, his skills, himself. And that's the way I wanted to be.

When I'm not working, I'm sharpening up my skills. I am updating my Google+ profile, my website, my YouTube page, my Twitter page, my LinkedIn page. I am double-checking that the pages being indexed by Google are up-to-date, and accurate. I am practicing the software that I use, and teach. I'd like to say that I have always done this stuff because I'm some super-dooper pro, but really, I just don't like being bored.

The above cartoon illustration was done in Adobe Illustrator, my favorite software program, which I use, and teach. And practice!

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