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Why there is so much bad design

Every once in a while, friends of mine point out bad design. Maybe it's a web page, maybe it's in architecture, maybe it's on the page of a magazine. And I know that they mean well, but for me, it's like pointing out that the sky is blue.

I see bad design all of the time. If you really want to see me *jump out of my socks*, show me good design. It's rare. And I like to compare it to acting.

Most people can recognize bad acting, even if they don't know exactly what's wrong. It's the same with bad design. People don't need to be designers to recognize when something is wrong. But designers can see it, and they see a lot of it.

The reason that there is so much bad design is that design is an art, like acting. And good designers, like good actors, can be expensive. Having your brother-in-law design your website is kind'a like having him star in a Hollywood movie. Just kind'a makes you cringe to think of it, doesn't it?

I've done a lot of design in my career, and yes, I charge for it. That doesn't make me some kind of genius, it just makes me someone who has studied design. Graphic Design has been on my business cards since I was 19. A lot of companies over the years have hired me to do design, I've taught design. I care about design.

So please don't ask me to look at bad design, I'm trying to remain cheerful today.