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September 4, 2014

How to decide if you need a website, and what to put on it

You only need a website if you're selling something. So, if you're wondering if you need a website, ask if you have a product or service for sale. And if you have something for sale, there are certain things that your website must have.

A decade ago, a website was just a trendy thing to have. That was before the common use of social media such as Facebook, or Google+, or Blogger. It let you reach out to the cyber community and talk about things, such as how much you like your dog, etc. Yes, I created a website for my dog, many years ago, just to do it. But if you're considering paying money to have a website hosted, designed, and maintained (even if the person doing all of the work is you), you have to ask yourself if it's worth it, and if you're putting the right stuff on it.

A website should state very clearly what product or service you offer, what it costs, and how people can get it. A website is not a place to do social media, that's what Facebook, or Blogger, is all about. When someone goes to your website, they are like someone walking into a store. Yes, they may be *just looking*, but they know items are for sale, and you should have priced them. For my clients, I use the expression, *Shut up and take my money*. Yes, you can have additional web pages, and links explaining more about you, your history, your dog, the weather in your city, but your main web page should go right to the sale. If you are under the mistaken impression that that is too *salesy*, then all you are doing is frustrating people who are interested in your product or service. Did I mention that you should shut up and take my money?

So, look at your website. Does it state clearly what your product or service is? Does it tell people how to buy? If it doesn't, then you are better off without one. It seems a shame, though, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to have that wonderful product or service that you offer!

By the way, social media, including blogs, is not the place to ask for the sale. Your website is. My product and service is cartoon illustration, and if you're interested, please go to my website.

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