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September 13, 2014

Seeing how well your Google+ business page is doing

As of this writing, Google+ gives you at least a little bit of insight to how well your Google+ business page is doing. No, it's not analytics, which would be nice, but it's all that's offered right now, and it's called *Insights*.

Of course, it's so carefully hidden that even though I use Google+ every day, I would imagine that most people would never find it. I'm sure that they mean well when they design something that is so difficult to find! I've taught a lot of software classes, and I really don't imagine the designers laughing manically and saying, *they'll never figure this one out!* Oh yeah?

Anyway, to find it, you have to have a business page. Insights are not available on a regular Google+ page. You will be looking for *Insights* under the *My Business* heading. But everything will be invisible until you do the right things. Stay with me on this.

Google+ Stream

Google+ My Business
In the upper left of your screen, hover your mouse over the heading *Stream*, and it will change to *My Business*. When you click on *My Business*, it takes you to the *Dashboard*. A-ha, you are saying, *why didn't they just let me click on a heading that said *my Dashboard*? But where's the challenge in that? Hang in there, we're getting there!

Google+ Dashboard

From the Dashboard, click on *Insights*. Yes, they could have put *Insights* on the main menu, but, well, they didn't. They probably will in the future. By the way, in software, we call this *drilling down*.

Google+ Insights

The Insights should now be visible. After all that work, it's really not much information, but I'm sure it'll get better. I really have no idea how long this has been available in Google+. The page that I have there isn't really my business page, it's a hobby page, and it helps me to understand, and interact with, Google+. Personally, I find it kind of fun to be an early adaptor to software, and watch it *be invented* while I'm working on it.

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