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September 25, 2014

Surrounding yourself with a Superstar team

I've been part of awesome teams all of my life. At some point I started calling these people Superstars, and really, they're on my team, and I'm on theirs. The world is filled with great people, who can do awesome things, and want to prove it, and I'm one of them. But if you want to find these people, you will need to do a little work.

The most difficulty I had assembling a Superstar team was when I started teaching at the local Community College. If you've ever met the *close enough for government work* type of person, you know what I mean. I can still here the greeting I got from someone who proudly proclaimed that they *only had twelve years left to retire*. But I did assemble an awesome team, and it begins by giving the benefit of the doubt.

The first thing to do is to ask. Superstars want to be asked, they want to prove how good they are, they want to be appreciated. And no, it's not asking a favor, or delegating an unpleasant task to someone, it's about recognizing ability, and appreciating it. And my Superstar team grew. Sometimes I wonder how people can function without a Superstar team, and maybe they can't.

Assembling a Superstar team has its risks. The people who you pass by will notice, and they won't like it. And there are a lot of people that you will need to pass by in order to find Superstars. Did I mention the person who told me that they had twelve years to retirement? Yeah, pass those people by.

Superstars all have one thing in common, their eyes light up. They may have been waiting a long time for someone to notice how awesome they are. I think of someone who is sitting on a bench, but has come to every practice, and every game, dressed to play. After a while, you can recognize those people easily. And yes, they will be rewarded with jobs, money, advancement. But the biggest reward of all is being a Superstar, on a Superstar team.

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