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October 4, 2014

Being a man with an eye for beauty

I am a man with an eye for beauty. Beautiful women, beautiful cars, and on and on. And since the vast majority of people that I've met in my life do not have an eye for beauty, they have been mistrustful of me. But for the people who do have such an eye, I have found understanding, and empathy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a red-blooded All-American male, and I like beautiful women, and beautiful cars, if you know what I mean. And yes, I do mean that. But I also stop dead in my tracks at a beautiful sunset, at a beautiful piece of architecture, at a beautiful landscape.

Like most children, I tried to embrace the beauty that I saw by drawing. You may wonder if Superheroes, or dinosaurs, are beautiful, but they were too me, very much so. But unlike most kids, appreciation of beauty was not taken away from me. Sure, I tried to hide it, with that bored-looking teenage thing, but in reality, I just wanted to go get my sketchbook. And it has stayed with me all of my life, and it will never go away.

When I started studying for Graphic Design, I have to admit that I wondered if it was a *manly* thing to do. Luckily, I had the good fortune to meet fellow students who had pretty much the same point of view that I have. Macho, but aesthetic. And maybe it's not all that manly to admire beauty, and maybe it's not all that mature, but, really, I've had no choice. And I wouldn't be much of a Graphic Designer if I didn't see things this way.

If you're a man, or woman, with an eye for beauty, don't be discouraged. Well-meaning people, who have no idea what you're seeing, will ask stupid questions. And stupid people will make snide remarks. If you're tempted to try to show beauty to people, I encourage that, but I recommend that you do it as a teacher, not as a pest. Most people when looking at a sunset will just be reminded of slices of roast beef, and remember that they're hungry for a sandwich. I'll stay looking at the sunset for a little while longer, if no one minds.

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