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October 11, 2014

Designing for the small screen

I have no idea how people managed to watch a TV with a twelve-inch screen. They must have just gotten close, and not really looked for all that much. But the tiniest TV from the 1950s has a gigantic screen compared to even the largest screen of any Smart Phone.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a criticism of Smart Phones. And believe me, they are a whole lot sharper than those old tiny TVs. But this is a design limitation, and it is small size. And if you don't design with a limitation in mind, your design will fail.

Most Graphic Designers that I know create their artwork on Macintosh computers with huge screens. And when most people look at those designs, they are viewing them at only a few inches wide. And this makes simplification of design even more critical in the modern world.

Good modern design is glance design. It shouldn't take a lot of careful inspection to understand. So if your design doesn't communicate at a glance, in a tiny size, it's a failure.

Design is all about limitations. If you can't work within that limitations, someone else will.

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