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Resolving a problem with an iTunes purchase

It's an imperfect world, and sometimes thing go wrong. I've been buying from iTunes for years, and yep, sometimes things go wrong. But the good news is that I've never had a problem with them questioning me, and they have always promptly refunded my money.

So, if you're in a situation like I am, where a purchased item is not playing on all of your devices, well, something went wrong. And, no, the customer service people at iTunes aren't tech support, they can't fix it. But they will cheerfully refund your money, and you can go back and try to get the movie again.

The latest dilemma I have is getting my iTunes movies to play on my Apple TVs (I have two of them), my iMac, and my iPod. For some reason, the Apple Store can get confused. That's because when you're watching a movie on Apple TV or on your iPad, you are connecting to the Apple Store. Your movies aren't stored on your Apple TV or your iPad, they're stored at the Apple Store, and when you connect with your Apple id, they stream to your device. It's a great system, when it works, but sometimes things go wrong.

I've learned a lot in the past week about iTunes movies, and mostly I've learned that most people have no idea how it works. I can't say that I really do, but I know that if it doesn't work, you just try again. I just sent a message to iTunes, and they will refund my money, and I will try again. Sometime in the future, this will all seem funny, but it's new technology now, and there are still bugs.