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October 5, 2014

Showing respect for people by being on time

I've never been important enough to be late for appointments. All my life, I've struck the same deal with everyone that I have at the airport, if I'm not there, the plane leaves without me. And I don't want to be left behind.

If you're struggling with constantly being late, while people are always quick to reassure you that it's no problem, take your time, etc., what people are seeing is arrogance, and disrespect for them. No, they won't tell you to your face, they'll just find someone else for the job.

My humility runs very close to feelings of poor self-esteem. So, if I'm invited to go somewhere, I'm flattered. And especially if I'm looking forward to it, like a job interview that I'm interested in, I will be early. No, I don't need to set my watch to a certain time, or put up post-it reminders. I'm looking forward to it.

My point here is that if you are always running late, I have always kind of envied you. Your self-confidence amazes me. While I am always early to a meeting, and help set up the chairs, you come breezing in an hour late, waving to everyone like a celebrity. And, of course, it's only polite for the people who are already there to assure you that nothing has happened in the last hour. But I've been there for an hour. Am I nothing?

It must be intoxicating to have that feeling of confidence. Nothing in my life has prepared me for the thought that the world would wait for me. And I sometimes wonder why so many people do feel that way. I started doing a running joke this year as I met people on the shuttle, on my flight to California, by saying *sorry, I'm late* just to see their reaction. Of course, I wasn't late. If I had been, they would have left without me.

People want to be shown respect, and they want to be appreciated. If you're interested in doing that, and feel it in a deep and humble way, be on time, or early. Rather than saying, *sorry, I'm late!*, you are saying, *I'm glad to be here!*

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