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October 26, 2014

Syncing email, calendars, and contacts on my iPad with Google

I retired my Chromebook last week and in its place I got an iPad. It's function will be the same, it will keep me connected, and entertained, when I'm away from home for extended periods of time.

What is nice about the iPad (aside from its spectacularly sharp screen) is that I can access my iTunes library on it, which I couldn't do on the Chromebook. I have a lot of movies and TV shows in iTunes, and it seemed a shame that I couldn't watch them on the Chromebook. So I bought an Apple product, and settled in to get adjusted to it.

Turns out I liked Google stuff. Yesterday I replaced Safari with Chrome on my iPad, and that led me to looking at my contacts. Yes, there is a contacts app on the iPad, and yes, I did sync it with my Google contacts, but really, I prefer using the Google Contacts interface. It plays very nicely with gmail, and with Google+, which I use a lot. Unfortunately, I didn't find a Google Contacts app, so now I'm back to using the Chrome browser, which actually works great on an iPad.

Today I am manually going through my Google Contacts and seeing that everything is up-to-date. Of course, for friends who have a Google+ profile, there isn't much for me to, and for everyone else, I just have to type it in. I do the updating here on my iMac, and it syncs to my iPad. And, if I need to make a change while I'm at my iPad, it syncs to my computer. That's what cool about syncing through Google.

I like the iPad, but I also like Google stuff, and they do work together. Takes a little bit of doing, but it's worth it.

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