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The weirdness of taking a photo with an iPad

Since I got my new iPad, I figured that it was time to put away my old digital camera. Yeah, holding up an iPad to take photos is weird-looking, but mostly I take photos of my backyard, so that wasn't going to bother me.

What I did discover is how weird it is to take a photo with an iPad. I mean the feel of it. So, I just took a photo with my old digital camera. And it really felt better. First of all, it's small enough to hold with human hands, and not feel as if you are doing to drop it.

Yeah, I really don't like carrying around my iPad. I'm using it the same way that I used by Chromebook, like a laptop. I set it on its stand, and operate it from there. I tried carrying it around, but it just makes me nervous. This is not a criticism of the iPad, it's simply a fact that something shaped liked that is just, physically, strange to hold onto. If it were a phone, it would be different.

But mostly I got the iPad to watch videos when I'm away from home, and it's nice to have a reasonably-sized screen. And it's brilliant with Netflix, my iTunes movies, Crackle, etc. And it's great as music player, and audio-book player.

So, as of right now, I'm just not convinced. I don't want to stick with something, like my old camera, just to be stubborn, but sometimes certain things that work better for a particular function. I am keeping my Nook for reading books, and I'll probably keep my digital camera for photos.

The photo above is from my digital camera, not my iPad. Since I'm only saving them as 2048 web images, the quality is fine. And besides, my digital camera has a flash, and the iPad doesn't.