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October 27, 2014

Updating your Google Contacts, and using them on the iPad

As much as I like my new iPad, I still wanted to keep my Google Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts. They work well together, and it has taken a bit of effort to get it all set up on the iPad, but it's done.

What I found is that there is an app for Gmail, and even one for Google Calendar, but nothing for Google Contacts, which surprised me. But since I am using Chrome on the iPad, which syncs to my home computer, that's not a problem. I just have to remember to go to Chrome to get to my contacts on the iPad. I do the updating on my computer, which is more comfortable typing, switching between applications, copying and pasting, etc. Then it's all ready and wait for me on my iPad. If I'm at my iPad, and I need to do some small corrections, I can do it there. But I am limiting the amount of typing that I do on the iPad, even though the voice-to-text stuff works great. It's easier for me to type here on my iMac, with a full-sized keyboard. And even though you can highlight, copy and paste, etc., on an iPad, it's easier on a desktop computer.

So, yeah, if you're using Google stuff, you can use it on your iPad. I'm not even going to explain how all of this is done, but I want to assure you that it can be done. I just Googled *how do I....* and between Google's help pages, and other people who had done the same thing, I was able to puzzle it all out.

I now have my iPad set up in a similar way as my iMac - as an Apple computer mostly running Google stuff. Works great for me!

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