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October 18, 2014

Using an iPad with Google products

Today is only my second day with my new iPad, and I'm having a lot of fun exploring. And I'm going to mix my Google world with the Apple world.

The first thing I learned was to break my prejudice for using the browser, as I did on my old Chromebook. On my Chromebook, everything was done through the browser, but that's not how an iPad is set up. It's like a Smart Phone, it uses apps.

So, the first app that I got was Gmail. Yeah, there's mail on the iPad, through an iClould account, but I'm happy with Gmail. I can access my professional email through the browser by going directly to my server, and I'm used to checking the two addresses regularly. I have no interest in adding yet another email address.

Setting up apps takes time. The apps are free, but you still have to go get them, download them, etc. I like Apple products (I named my dog Macintosh), but it's also important for me to remain connected with Google stuff. I use Google+, I blog on Blogger (which is this), and I keep an eye on things with Gmail. Yes, it would be simpler to just use the Apple system completely, but I'm spread out between my professional website, my Google world, and my Apple world. It's a good world.

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