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November 30, 2014

Designing for the luxury of space

If you're like most people, you want to have the biggest house that you can afford. That's the luxury of space. You know, square footage, acreage, that sort of thing. And if you're like most people, you will work very hard to destroy that luxury.

There's an old saying that *clutter accumulates to fill the space provided for it*. And in my experience I've seen spaces that could have had the luxury of space turned into a very uncomfortable space for people to try to live in.

I'm a Graphic Designer, but I am interested in all types of design, including interior design. And, well, design is design. And I am a believer that anything that people use, from a web page, to their living room, and can be beautiful and functional. But you always, always, always, start with function. It's no good having something look pretty if it's unusable. And you don't need to be a designer to understand function. And many times you can actually create something beautiful simply by paying attention to function.

Whether you're designing a web page, or the interior of your house, you need to look out for spaces where you feel that you need to give instructions. I call this the *watch your step* syndrome, also known as *best viewed on Internet Explorer*. If you've done that, guess what, you've made a mistake in function.

For most of the interior spaces that I visit, they could be made to look more luxurious just by getting smaller, or less, furniture. I've seen some big rooms that still look more like a furniture warehouse than anything else, with everything just jammed together. I suppose this happens because people look at furniture in gigantic stores, and nobody's house is that big. Well, no one I know.

Good design works well for people. If your design seems just fine until people are added to it, you need to redesign. Give people the space to move, and to breathe. That's the luxury of space.

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