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Getting used to Yosemite on the Mac

I installed Yosemite, the latest operating system for the Macintosh computer, yesterday, and everything seems to be fine. All of my applications open up, and now it's just a question of getting used to it.

Not a lot has changed, but it's that little bit that kind'a makes you feel uncomfortable, like driving someone else's car. I've always been surprised at how much an updated OS gives a slightly dream-like feeling to being on your computer. As if everything is, well, not quite right. But it is.

I've seen a lot of updated computers systems in my time, and it's just amazing how quickly the previous version starts to look old fashioned. I remember when the idea was to make everything look like it was shiny, and as if it had water on it. I believe that was called *aqua*. The flat colors of the buttons on the upper right of the window now makes me think of *playskool*

I've always tried to stay up to date. When I started teaching it was critical that I knew the updated software right away. And yes, it's a hassle, and many times things go wrong, but things go wrong either way, whether you update or not. So I have chosen to update.

It took a couple of hours last night for the OS to be updated. I wandered around, checking on my computer every once in a while, as it goes for a long time, then it wants you to do something. I suppose just having a button that says, *Update the OS* would be too easy. But at least it's free.

I was surprised to find out how old my Adobe software is. I suppose I will need to bite the bullet and subscribe to Creative Suite at some point. I noticed that I had to add a bit of software called *legacy* to keep them working. That's a sign that you're falling behind. It's good to stay current.