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November 3, 2014

Listening to an audiobook on your iPad

I love listening to audiobooks. Although most people listen to music on their iPods, I mostly listen to audiobooks. If you remember the bad old days, you remember that you had to keep switching CDs in order to play an entire book. On a digital player, you just hit *play*, and close your eyes.

Over the course of many years, I have purchased several audiobooks, and had synced them to my iPod. And when I got my iPad, I just figured that it wouldn't support audiobooks, but it does. It's just carefully hidden.

Audiobooks are accessible with the Music App. It takes a little looking around, but they're there. But not your entire library is there, only the audiobooks that you bought on iTunes. Some of my older books had been copied from CDs, but they don't appear in the iPad, because the iPad only recognizes things that you own at iTunes. Remember that on your iPad, as on your iPhone, the files aren't stored there, they are stored on the iTunes server, and stream to your device.

Of course the iPad has a built-in speaker, which the iPod doesn't, and it works great. So I don't have to hassle with connecting my iPod to my iHome portable speaker. Call me lazy, but I'd rather not have so much stuff to mess with, and worry about charging. And I can easily carry my iPad from room to room, and outdoors, if I want to. And you can check your email without stopping the book. Waitaminute, I'm gonna sound like a commercial here, but the interface really is brilliant. If you decide to watch a movie, you don't even have to pause the book, it just does it.

Audiobooks sound great, and work well, on the iPad.

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