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Staying with the old version of Adobe Creative Suite for now

It's November 2014, and when I updated the OS on my Macintosh recently, I noticed that my versions of Illustrator and Dreamweaver Creative Suite, which are 5, required a special plug-in in order to work, and that it was called *Legacy*. And whenever you see something like that, or *classic*, you know that you have an old version of software that is about to stop working in the future.

In the bad old days, before software could be downloaded right away, I had to go over to a store, pick up a box, stand in line, pay for it, go home, install it with multiple disks, that sort of thing. Then I had to hammer out all of the problems that the updated software created with existing files. Took a long time, and cost a lot of money, but it was part of the business of being a Graphic Designer.

The last numerical version of Adobe Creative Suite was 6, which it looks like I missed. That makes the current Creative Suite number 7, if it had a number, but it's just called Creative Cloud. And, of course, the numbers will mean nothing going into the future. From now on, every update will be done automatically and the bad old days of having out-of-date software will be gone. The updates will simply be done over the internet, and the next time you open your software, there will be fixed bugs, and the bugs that come along when something is fixed. And they will be moving things around, renaming things, you know, all of the improvements that are so annoying when you are just trying to use the software to get something done.

I've been using Adobe software since the early nineties. As a teacher, I got a discount on software, but I still had to pay for it out my pocket, and, well, it's expensive. I had always considered something like this to be the *cost of doing business*, but my first thought every time there was a new version announced was that it was going to cost me, both in money and in a lot of time.

It looks like those days are over. In order to upgrade from now on, it will be a *subscription*, like my cell phone bill, that just goes on forever. I see that there is an option for subscribing to only one of the Creative Suite Collection, or you can pay for the whole Suite. I only use Illustrator and Dreamweaver, but there seems to be no option for subscribing to two. At least not yet. It's either $240 a year, just for one, or $600 for all of the suite, most of which I will never use. It would be nice if they had a price for selecting any two, but they don't.

I guess I'll stay with my old versions of software until the last minute, as I'm guessing most people will do.