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The difference between an iPad and all of the other tablets

If you're pondering about getting a tablet, and see all of the different types, you can simplify it by putting them in two categories, iPad and non-iPad.

The iPad is only made by Apple. The other tablets can be of lots of different manufacturers. It's kind'a like computers, Apple is the only company that makes Apple computers, which is the Macintosh. PCs can be purchased from lots of different manufacturers.

And it's exactly the same question - convenience versus cost. And the cost of Apple products is extremely high! I'm a Graphic Designer, so I've been on an Apple Macintosh since the 1990s, so it's what I'm used to. But I'll never get used to how expensive they are, believe me!

My iPad cost me over 400 dollars. You can buy a non-iPad tablet for much, much, less. But, well, I'm spoiled. I've used Apple products all of my professional career. I like the convenience, I like iTunes, I like not having to mess with a lot of setup. I remember when I bought my first iMac in the '90s, the instructions were to plug it in and turn it on.

I'm not really a computer person. I'm a person who uses computers. I have met real computer people, and believe me, they're impressive, and a whole lot smarter than me. They can throw around terms like graphic cards, Mother Boards, that sort of thing. I'm more the *push the blue button* type. Personally, I got an iPad. If you understand why, it's great to have. If not, then there's no reason to pay the extra money. Besides, most of your friends will think you're crazy.