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Using Facebook for exposure

I just spoke to one of my clients a few minutes ago about getting a video more exposure. That is, getting more views so that it can get more ratings.

I have been interested in Search Engine Optimization for many years now. That means doing all of the things for a webpage, blog, video, or whatever, to get the attention of the Google *bots* that determine whether you are on page 1 or page 3,765. I call it *getting your page* indexed, but that's not really perfectly accurate. Anything that you put on the web will be indexed, and searchable. But the Google bots give preferential treatment, and star billing, to those things that a lot of people have viewed. That's why when a video goes *viral*, and a lot of people watch it, it shows up on the first few pages of a Google search.

If you're interested in exposure, the best place to start is Facebook. Actually, even if you aren't interested in exposure, it's good to know how Facebook works. Facebook is a place for friends. And friends of friends. And friends of friends of friends. And for exposure, that's a good thing.

But be warned, Facebook is no place for privacy. I'm not saying that you will have your identity stolen, or anything like that, but Facebook will expose to the world things about you. Personally, I like having people know that I own a dachshund, or draw cartoons, or that I like the author P.G. Wodehouse. I have been a public person for a very long time, and I am flattered if people take an interest in me.

So, before you start using Facebook for exposure, take a look at what you're posting. Delete any old embarrassing posts, and don't do that again. Put a decent photo of yourself there. Ask yourself if you would like strangers to know something about you, and if you'd rather not have them know, don't post it. Don't post your street address, your social security number, or the PIN number at your bank. But do post pictures of you with friends.

Exposure on the web is just like any other type of exposure, like giving our your head shot as a model, or giving out your resume. Smile, make yourself look good. If at all possible, get a photo of yourself with someone famous. And welcome to show biz!