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December 10, 2014

Getting used to apps

If you have a tablet, or a smart phone, you have seen apps. The word app is short for *application*, which is another word for software. And the abbreviation of application to app on a smart phone, or a tablet, is appropriate, because the software itself has been simplified, and is a real pleasure to use.

Apps were created to run on the smaller, and wimpier, operating systems of tablets and smart phones. They don't do as much as an application that runs on a desktop computer, and they are optimized to be easier to see, and use, on a smaller screen.

The best way to learn about apps is to get a tablet. I got an iPad, because I like Apple stuff, but you can get a Kindle, or any android tablet. I had some trouble switching my little brain from doing stuff on a browser, but after a while I got it. Yes, I have a browser on my iPad, but I don't use it much. For things like YouTube, I have an app. It takes a little bit of experimenting, but the best way to do it is just to do it.

Of course, if you talk to someone who likes apps, they probably have thousands on their phone, most of which they never use. Apps tend to be something that people collect because they're cool, like an app that shows what your dog would look like if it flew a space ship, or something. So, if you have friends like this, and you ask them about apps, it's gonna look confusing. Smile, and change the subject.

The good news is that apps have greatly simplified the experience of doing stuff on your hand-held computer, which is what a tablet, or a smart phone, is. So, resist the urge to get a lot of apps. And focus on stuff you know, like watching videos on YouTube. If you're used to going through a browser for this stuff, it will feel kind'a weird. But it works great.

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