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December 30, 2014

How to save a photo in Photoshop that won't take up any space on your Google account

If you have Photoshop, or a similar image-editing device, and can save your photos as 2048, you're in luck. Photos that are that size and under don't count against your free 15 Gigs of storage space on your Google account. I've posted approximately a bazillion photos of old Phoenix on a Google+ page, and since I saved them in the size they specified, they don't count against my storage space. Of course, if you don't, or can't, do this, and you upload a bunch of way-too-big images, your storage space will be quickly filled up and you will need to pay for extra storage space. It's not terribly expensive, but really, if you have Photoshop, you don't have to go there.

All of the photos that I take, and all of the images that I find, I bring into Photoshop first. I happen to use Photoshop Elements Editor, but this part of Photoshop hasn't changed since they invented this function over ten years ago - Save for Web.

I'm a Fine Arts major, so please don't ask me to explain the numbers here. I'm happy to go to Save for Web (under file) and select the image size to be no more than 2048 at Maximum Quality.

2,048 pixels, by the way @ 72 ppi (which is standard screen resolution) produces a razor-sharp image on a computer screen even as large as the one I am looking at right now, which is a 21" iMac. It's overkill for tablets and cell phones, but you might as well go as large as Google allows you to.

More about measuring in pixels here

If someone out there could explain why Google's limit just happens to be 2048, please let me know, without going into too much detail. Otherwise, like what I've been doing for all of my professional career in Graphic Design, I just accept the numbers, and dial it in.

I hope this helps.

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