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Showing respect for people by being on time

If you're wondering what you can do to show respect to your friends, your family, and your clients, be on time. It's a simple enough thing to do, and mostly requires the ability to get a feel for time, and look at a clock every once in a while, and I have found that it really impresses people.

This has nothing to do with what your grandma taught you about not being *tardy*. And you will find that being on time for people comes naturally for the people you respect, and want to be with.

The business world is a lot like the Olympics in that success can be measured by very small amounts of time. As Jerry Seinfeld once said, *Gold Medal, greatest guy in the world, second place, no one has ever heard of him*.

As a Graphic Design teacher, I knew that the students who were already in class well before it started weren't doing it for me, they were doing it because they wanted to be Graphic Designers. But I couldn't help being pleased. The *stragglers* were telling everyone, including me, that they didn't want to be there. And though couldn't actually tell a particular student who was always late to class that they would probably be wise to find something that actually interested them, the message was clear.

So, if you want to be in the game, be ready. Be there, and be there early. You don't have to tell anyone how anxious you are to succeed, they already know just by your being there, ready to play. If you're always late, find another game that interests you, and you will not only be on time, you will be early.