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December 28, 2014

What happens to embarrassing photos, and comments, you post on the internet

There's no getting back anything that you post in cyberspace. Once you click, it's out there, forever. So that comment that you later regretted, or that photo that you wished you hadn't posted, will stay out there. That is, it will be indexed by Google. Even if you go back and delete it, it will stay there, at least cached in.

But you really shouldn't worry. The amount of information that is posted onto the web, and indexed by Google, is like a gigantic waterfall. And unless you're a famous celebrity, or unless a lot of other people repost what you posted, your tiny drop will be lost in the torrent. It will be on page 2,876 of Google tomorrow, and page 10,986 the next day.

But waitaminute, that doesn't mean that you should post stupid stuff. It's just a reminder of the incredible volume of things that are pouring into the internet every second. And by the time I finish writing this, another bazillion megabytes of information will have poured by.

So, do jump in. Write things, post photos. Sure, you'll probably be just a tiny drop, but at least you'll be out there. Make what you write thoughtful, make the photos you post things that you wouldn't be embarrassed about. Who knows? Maybe someday your drop will turn into something bigger on the internet! I've seen it happen.

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