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December 5, 2014

Why a flip phone works better with the spoken voice

Since I don't travel much, and my preference is to use email, I have been happy using my desktop computer and a laptop computer to do my written communication. Most of the work that I do is done online, with instructions written out in email. I do talk on the phone, but not much. Many times I'll pick up the phone just so that my clients can hear my voice, but really, my business of drawing cartoon illustrations isn't done on on the phone.

A couple of years ago I got a phone with a built-in keyboard so that I could attempt to text, but the phone was pretty awful, and it never worked well, both for voice, and for texting. So I was happy to trade it in for an old-fashioned flip phone, which works great for voice, never makes an accidental call, and overall is designed to be used for the spoken voice on the telephone. It fits comfortably in my hand, I answer it by simply opening it up, and hang up by simply closing it, and best of all, it has a slight curve so that I can hold it up to my ear and the microphone stays close to my mouth. Many of my Smart Phone friends are unaware that their mouth gets to be so far away from the microphone that their voice is garbled. It's not their fault - their faces are curved, and their phones are not.

The reason that a flip phone works better for the spoken word is that it is designed primarily for that function. A Smart Phone, like an iPhone, is designed primarily to send a receive information on the screen, through the written word. If its primary function was the spoken word, it would look more like telephone receivers have looked since the invention of the telephone, with accommodation to the human face, which curves. Of course a curved screen would make reading on it ridiculous, so it's not done.

Sending, and receiving, emails on a Smart Phone, or a tablet, is possible, but clumsy. If I have an important client, I am not going to try to communicate with a device that makes me sound unprofessional. I will go to my desktop computer, which has a large screen, and a full-sized keyboard, and I will write an email. I will also read my client's email there, carefully.

So, for now, I think I'll stay with my flip phone. It's embarrassing to use in a restaurant, as it's the equivalent of riding up on an old-fashioned bicycle, you know, with the bell going *ding ding*. But for the spoken voice, it's the best. And that's what I will be using a phone for. For everything else, I have a desktop computer, and a tablet.

By the way, I'm told that flip-phones have become trendy lately. And in spite of fears that they aren't being manufactured, yes, they are. If you go to Verizon, they will sell you one, probably with a sour face that you aren't buying a data plan, but they're cheap, and they work great. Talk to you soon!

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