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December 3, 2014

Why you shouldn't say thank you on a social media page

Because of the nature of how comments on posts appear on a social media page, like Facebook, or Google+, you should resist the urge to write *thank you!*. That's because, in doing so, you are *burying* the comment that you are thanking. It goes like this:

Social media comments on posts are *folded up*. That is, hidden away by the ones that come after them. It depends on how you are viewing it, of course, but most people are looking on a device like a Smart Phone, or a Tablet, where space is at a premium. If you always view things on a desktop computer, more comments will show, but even then, as the comments accumulate, the older ones will be folded away, hidden from sight.

So, when you write a simple *Thank you!*, you are burying the comments that precede it. Strange, but true. So here is what you should do:

• Click the *like* or *plus* button, but don't write another comment on the post. That way, the person's comment still remains visible. I like to think of it as not interrupting them, even in the polite way that a *thank you* does.

• Only comment if you need to clarify, or intend to do something, such as fix an error in the caption. I post old photos of Phoenix on a Google+ page, and often get locations, cross-streets, north-south wrong in the caption. If someone does a correction for me, I acknowledge it, and say that I will fix the caption. Simply doing a plus in this instance would not be enough, as it would imply that I read it, shrugged my shoulders, but didn't plan on doing anything about it.

As a teacher, one of the best things I learned was to encourage other people to talk. And one of the most difficult things I did was to learn to shut up myself. Give other people the floor.

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