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How to share posts publicly on Google+

Google+ is a great place to share things, like good things about the place you work, or whatever you would like everyone to know. And to do this, you need to select *public* when you post something. That way it goes out to the whole world, not just people in your circles. And that will allow one of the most powerful things in Google+ to happen, which is called *ripples*, when something is reshared, and reshared, and reshared.

To do this, ignore all of your circles, or groups, or whatever, and just select *public* when you post in Google+. If you haven't done that yet, go ahead, and it will be the default the next time you post. Remember that Google+ is not Facebook, it's not just for talking to friends, it's for communicating to the world.

Google+ is a place for exposure, and for shouting out good things to the world. If you do it correctly, it indexes in Google, the biggest search engine there is.

Now, go share!