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January 2, 2015

Throwing yourself into a technology trap

Every once in a while I hear someone complain about technology. The statement usually is that mankind would be better off without all the new technology.

I like technology. My career grew with the invention of graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop. I named my dog Macintosh. I have a wonderful iMac computer with the latest Operating System on it. I use it every day, and would feel lost without it. I keep my appointments on it. I lean on it, very heavily. And then someone asks me what would happen if it all went away? What if computers all over the world stopped working, what if the internet shut down? There are people who are too smart to trust technology, they say. Then I watch them happily toss themselves into my favorite technology trap, an elevator.

Nothing says that someone trusts technology as much their willingness to get into a box, push a button, and allow their bodies to be hurled thousands of feet into the air. So, if someone is comfortable using an elevator, it doesn't matter what they say, they trust technology.

Technology is so much a part of the success of the human species on planet earth, most of what has been invented we don't even think about.

So, you can rant all you want about not trusting technology, the moment I see you walk into an elevator, I know how you really feel. And if you say that you would rather take the stairs, why are you trusting them? Or a building? It's all technology.

Technology is wonderful thing, which enhances our lives! Use it well, and enjoy!

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