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February 18, 2015

An easy way to watch a particular YouTube video on Apple TV

If you have Apple TV, you can watch YouTube on it. It's great for me as I use it a lot in my workout room, and I like to be able follow along with a particular exercise right there, not sitting at my computer. The problem is that the interface on Apple TV for YouTube isn't very easy to search for stuff. This isn't a criticism of Apple TV, it's simply the fact that you have to type one letter at a time, using the remote control, to find stuff. I tried it, but now I've got a trick to get around it. It has to do with using Viewing History.

On Apple TV, in YouTube, your viewing history, even from your computer, is under My YouTube. So this is what you do:

• Find a video you like and watch a bit of it. You can watch all of it, or just a part. The point is that that video will now become part of your Viewing History.

• Go to YouTube on Apple TV, select My YouTube and look at your viewing history. It will be right there.

OK, I'm gonna go watch a video on my Apple TV now!

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