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How, and why, you should order stuff online from Walmart

If you're comfortable ordering stuff online, like I am, I would say the best choice is Walmart. I've been comfortably buying and selling on ebay, and on Amazon for years, but for ordinary stuff I really do prefer Walmart. No, they don't pay me to say this stuff, I wish they would! My experience with Walmart has been excellent for the past couple of years, and I thought I would share it with you.

To begin, go shopping at Walmart and then take a look at how many non-perishable things you just bought. That is, stuff that isn't ice cream, or bananas. You know, like paper towels, shampoo, that kind of stuff. That's what I order online, non-perishables. Yeah, I just learned that term.

I have always hated the idea of doing a lot of errands. That is, when I run out of toothpaste, I want to just go into the linen closet and grab some more, I don't want to drive over to a store right then and there. I have developed this attitude of *inventory* ever since I bought a house twenty years ago. I guess if you live in a tiny apartment, you really can't do this. But I have a lot of room to store stuff, including a garage. So I have been buying in quantity for a long time. The real reason for this is convenience, although most people are fascinated by price. Luckily, now I am doing both.

This is how you do it:

• Go to their website and find non-perishable stuff. You don't need to log in at this point, just start shopping. I have not disabled cookies, so the stuff I put in my shopping cart stays there. When I see that I'm down to my last tube of toothpaste, I go to the Walmart site and add it to the cart. When you reach about fifty dollars worth of stuff (which is easy to do with quantity), delivery is free. So I click checkout, where I have set up an account, with a password (very strong) and Verified by Visa (also very strong) and I check out.

• Now go walk the dog, or write a poem. Anything other than getting in your car, driving to a store, filling up a shopping cart, standing in line, etc. In fact, with your spare time you could visit me. Or you could start a hobby, or get back to one. In a few days a box arrives. No, you don't have to sign for it. I'm usually around (I work at home) but if you're not then you need to find a safe place for the package to sit. The bigger boxes come UPS or Fedex, the smaller ones are mailed through the USPS.

This works great. I have a poor memory for this kind of stuff, so the boxes are always like Christmas to me. There has only been one time in dozens of deliveries where I wondered what happened after a couple of weeks, and I contacted them. They sent the stuff out again and I checked off *OK* on some online forms that made me promise to give the stuff back if I did receive the original shipment. This was just a few weeks ago, and, yep, the original shipment arrived. So I drove over to Walmart and gave it back. I have to admit that the customer service person was a little surprised, but hey, I promised, and I don't steal stuff.

I still go to the Walmart Neighborhood Market to buy fresh food, but that's all I get there. Everything else is delivered to my door. And yeah, I still go to stores, but mostly just for fun.

So there you go. Since I just placed another order at Walmart, I think I'm gonna go to the park with my dog. It's a beautiful day.