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The difference between good Graphic Design and bad Graphic Design

Graphic Design is intended to attract. It may attract attention to a product, or service, or anything. And both good Graphic Design and bad Graphic Design can attract. The difference is that good Graphic Design does so in a pleasing manner, and bad Graphic Design is just an annoyance.

Good Graphic Designers are well-paid. Like any artist, they tend to be obsessed with their art. It's a lifelong study for them. They see the latest trends, they know the history. And good Graphic Designers perform the almost miraculous task of making their art disappear. And that's the best definition of good Graphic Design - you really don't see it, you just see the product or service, and are left with a good feeling. There's a lot of it out there, but unless you're a Graphic Designer, you aren't aware of it, nor are you supposed to be.

Bad Graphic Design is some of the most annoying stuff in the world. And it's done by people who know that they have to attract attention, but really don't know how. It often relies on shock value, or what I call *tugging at your sleeve* design, like rotating animations on a web page.

I love good design. People who know me have seen me *jump out of my socks* for great architecture, or automotive design, or anything. So I am appreciative of people who point this stuff out to me. The rest of it I am just trying to ignore, like everyone else is.