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Using Apple TV with YouTube for exercise videos

I got Apple TV in my workout room so I could watch videos. I have Netflix and a lot of iTunes movies and videos. And I have just recently discovered something new, and interesting. YouTube videos for exercise on Apple TV.

Of course, most of the videos on YouTube are absolute garbage. But a few channels are great. I have spent enough time looking for exercise videos on YouTube over the years to have found a few good channels. No, I'm not going to advertise them here, it will make this post just sound like an ad for them!

The easiest way to do this is to learn the interface for YouTube on your Apple TV. The two things that you should note are along the top: Subscriptions and My YouTube (which really should be called History, like it is on the iPad, but no one asked me).

I have subscribed to a few channels, so when I want to watch a workout video, I go to either my subscriptions or my History (under My YouTube) and start watching. There are ads, some of which I will actually watch, but you can skip them, using your remote, just like skipping the ads on your desktop or iPad.

I have no interest in watching YouTube videos of cute puppies, or cats. So I didn't think that I would be using YouTube in my workout room. But it surprised me at how handy it is to see workout videos (I also watch physical therapy videos) right there in the workout room. Sometimes I'll watch one, hit pause, do the exercise, and resume. And then I'll do it again.

Oddly enough, Apple TV doesn't have any way to *thumbs up* or *like* a video. So I go to my Google+ page and thank them with a reposting, and a comment.

Nice of them to invent all of this technology for my convenience! Thanks Apple and YouTube!