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Why you shouldn't post links to blogs on social media group pages

Like most people who join social media group pages, I'm a *hey, look at this!* person. And so when I first started posting stuff on golf pages, or gardeining pages, I immediately made a very serious mistake - I posted links to blogs.

It's an innocent mistake, and if you've done it, and wondered why it got you a reprimand, you have to look at the bigger picture. And it's all about sales, and scams.

Think of joining a social media group like going to a party. A certain amount of sharing, and even showing off, is expected. Maybe you want to show off your stylin' new clothes, and mention where you bought them. Or maybe you want to show off your cute dachshund, and have photos on your phone. And that's exactly what you should be doing on a social media page. But if you start selling life insurance, or set up a table with stuff for sale on it right in the middle of the party, you have gone too far. And, unfortunately, that's what posting a link to a blog does, many times.

Sure, there are innocent, and essentially useless, blogs, like the one I write about my garden. But most blogs have a point, like this one, and they promote something. This blog, by the way, promotes my company, BradHallArt, which is just me, and I draw cartoons and do vector art. And most blogs do promote, and that means selling, and that means advertising. As soon as a social media group moderator sees a link to a blog, they get suspicious.

So don't post a blog on a social media page. If you feel compelled to post a blog, post it on your personal page, preferably Google+. That way it will get indexed for a Google search, which is where you want your blog posts to be found, anyway.

I hope this helps. If you're not selling, or promoting, anything, don't look like it, don't post links to blogs. Post a photo of your cute dachshund!