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Gmail Inbox - using bundles

The new interface for Gmail, called Inbox, is brilliant. I installed it yesterday on my iPad and here on my desktop and started playing with it immediately. And aside from looking a whole lot better than the old Gmail, it has some cool stuff, the most important of which is bundles.

The whole idea of bundles is to allow you to glance at everything that is related, such as Social, and make the decision to either deal with the messages, or (and this is what it's really for) make them go away quickly. If you've used the interface for Google+ that allows you to sweep (it looks like a checkmark with some dashes next to it), you already know how to do it.

There are pre-built bundles, and you can make your own. So, for example, if you get a lot of messages from this guy Brad Hall, you can make a bundle that the messages go directly into, and if he sends you a lot, you can sweep them away with one click (or a gesture on your phone or iPad).

But watch out. The default is called *Done*, which moves messages into a folder, where they are stored. This can be a good thing if you think you'd like to go back to those messages, but a bad thing if you're thinking about keeping your available free storage space under control. So instead of using *Done*, use *Move to - Trash*. It's pretty carefully hidden, under three little dots and then an icon of a trash can. But that means that the emails will be permanently deleted from your account after a month, and won't chew up any of your storage space at that point.

I've always been an early adaptor. My motto is, *why wait?* Yep, upgrades of software are annoying when you're used to doing things in a *no brain* manner. And old-timers will complain about how good things were back in the day. But before Inbox, Gmail was pretty darn clunky.

Kudos to the Google Developers! Nice job on Inbox!