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How to compose a new email, or reminder, in Gmail Inbox

To compose a new email, or to create a reminder, in Gmail Inbox, go to the red thing that kind'a looks like a button (it has a cross in the middle) and hover over it. At that point, it changes to an icon of a pencil, and includes the word Compose. I suppose they do this stuff to save space, and hopefully this will be fixed later on. I've used a lot of software, but I guess using a red button with a plus sign in it will become more popular. I hadn't seen it before. Of course, just including the word *new email* or *new* would be nice, but hey, they didn't ask me.

Hover over the red thing that looks like a button to compose a new email, or create a reminder
After you hover over the button, it says compose, and gives you various other icons to try to figure out
I'm sure that they mean well when they create an interface like this, and it's not so bad once you have it figured out. I'm doing this on a desktop, and I suppose it's designed to save space on your smartphone.

Anyway, Inbox is worth the hassle of learning. It's a great improvement over regular Gmail. And I even like the reminders (that's the finger with a string tied around it, or twirling a pretzel). What the old-style razor blade with a star on it means, I have no idea. Maybe it's a building block? A ticket stub?