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How to sell your product or service on YouTube

How people use YouTube has changed in recent years. Originally mostly home-made videos of cats, YouTube is now filled with a lot of genuinely useful information, professionally presented. Sure, there are still a lot of videos of people falling down, etc., but look again. There are now a lot of high-quality 1080p, great-production-values videos on YouTube. So, if you're wondering if you could sell your product or service on YouTube, yes, you can. But you have to do it right. Here are a few suggestions:

• Have it created by a professional. Blurry, *shaky-cam* videos will make people click away right away. Nicely designed graphics, that sort of thing. And not just a couple of seconds of good quality going right into a poorly-shot video in your basement, good quality all of the way through. There are people who make videos. Hire them.

• Give the video a title that will index well in Google. That's how people will find your video. If they search for *how to plant petunias*, they won't find your video if you call it something like *my first video on YouTube*. Call it *How plant petunias*.

• Make your video 2-3 minutes. That's longer than an ordinary commercial would be, so don't do an ordinary commercial. Do a demonstration, not a sales pitch. That being said, be sure to ask for the sale at the end of the video. If you're shy about this, don't be. If someone has watched your video and want to skip the end where you tell them how to buy your product or service, they will. And don't direct them to your website if they don't need to go to your website. That is, if someone can hire you directly from your YouTube video, give them a phone number, or an email address.

So there you go. YouTube is a great place to find free information. Personally, I like to watch videos that explain how to plant flowers, and how to deal with a sore lower back (I wonder if there's a connection?). I will sometimes click away before the sales pitch at the end, and sometimes I'll watch the whole thing and wonder, *hey, what are they selling?*