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How to transfer your CD albums onto iTunes

The days of the CD are over. Yeah, I know you can still buy them, and they will be around for a long time, but really, after you've used a music player like an iPod, you will really never want to go back to carrying around a bunch of plastic discs.

So if you've decided to get with the times and transfer your CD albums to iTunes, and you're wondering where to start, this should help -

• Download iTunes onto your computer. Yes, it's free, and yes, iTunes works great on both PCs and Macs.

• Transfer your CD albums into iTunes. Yes, it's perfectly legal to do that for your own personal use, and yes, it's time-consuming, but it's easy to do. Put the CD in the drive, follow the instructions in iTunes, and there you go.

• Get an iPod. Once your music is in iTunes, all you gotta do is to plug in your new iPod, with a USB cable, and it will copy everything over to it. Then you can listen to your music while you're working out, or driving your car, or (dang, I'm sounding like a commercial!).

And that's it. I did this years ago, and since then when I purchase an album, I just buy it from iTunes. There really is no need for a plastic disc, and packaging, and all of that. The files on a CD are digital files, anyway, so they're exactly the same.