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April 23, 2015

When to use text, email, mail, call, or visit in person

If you're puzzled as to whether you should be texting, or emailing, calling, or mailing, or visiting in person, keep in mind that they can all be good options. Here are some guidelines:

• If you need to send a short message, text. Texting is appropriate to send short messages like *I'll be there at 12:45*. There's no need to make someone talk on their phone for information they could get in a glance. Buton't use text if you need to say more than a sentence or two. If you need to write a paragraph, use...

• Email for a full paragraph or more. Use full sentences. Email is like writing a letter.

• Mail cards. Birthday cards, that sort of thing should never be sent as an email, or email attachment. I've never been much for birthday cards, but if that's you, you need to buy a stamp. Other than that, and junk mail, there really isn't much need for mail. Unless, of course, you're mailing something, for example, sold on ebay.

• Call if you need immediate feedback. Multiple texts, or multiple emails, that go back and forth quickly are just annoying. If you need to discuss something, talk.

• Visit in person if it's really, really important. There are still a lot of things that are best discussed face-to-face. Obviously, this chews up a lot of time, which is expense, so be sure it's appropriate for you, and for the person you want to meet.

And of course, do some type of video conferencing if your company insists on it, but otherwise, don't. And that just about covers it. The most important thing that you need to do is to find out what communication style works for your client. All of these technologies overlap a bit, so be prepared to stretch a point as necessary. But these guidelines should help.

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