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April 25, 2015

Why you should blog, and what to blog about

Writing a blog is a lot of fun. I've been doing it for years and I started doing it just because I'm always trying to understand the latest technology, the latest software, the latest whatever. And the best way that I learn is by doing. So I've learned about Search Engine Optimization, how to use keywords, what to do and what not to do on the web, that sort of stuff. Luckily, most of it has always made sense to me. My behavior in cyberspace has never been all that different from if you met me in real life. The advantage to meeting me in cyberspace is that you can click away if you suddenly lose interest in what I'm talking about.

And that's the best place to start. Remember that the people reading your blog are not a captive audience. They can click away, or yawn, or fall asleep, or wander off, and you'll never know. And that means that you can talk about stuff that would probably bore people at a party, but will gain an audience of people who are actually interested in that subject. Of course if your blog is boring, or if your tone is just angry and resentful, people will click away as quickly as they can.

So here is how to get started on a blog:

• Choose a subject that interests you, and be specific. You can write about dachshunds, or the Civil War. It doesn't matter as long as you care about it. This is the internet, and you may be surprised to find that just about any interest of yours is shared by a lot of people out there.

• Write as if you're talking to someone. Because, well, you are. If someone met you face to face and asked you to talk about dachshunds (assuming that's your field of expertise), you wouldn't roll back on your heels and start saying, *Many people wonder about dachshunds...* Hopefully. No, you would share how much you love your dachshund, and how wonderful they are. If you sound like a pompous know-it-all, kids will throw snowballs at your top hat, and you will deserve it.

And be sure to use Blogger and monitor the comments with your Gmail account. Yeah, there are a lot of sick people out there, who make nasty comments, and there are also a lot of robots that automatically post a spam comment. Luckily, keeping an eye on this stuff isn't difficult. Google has done a good job tying in Gmail with Blogger. And that means that you don't have to go through all of your posts every day checking to see if someone has said something. It just pops up in your Social tab in Inbox in Gmail.

So, the best place to start is when you feel like making a comment somewhere. Maybe you would like to clarify the correct chronology of the Generals of the Civil War. Don't waste it on a comment on someone else's blog. Write your own blog. There's so much misinformation out there on the web that I get a lot of inspiration for writing, *contrary to popular misconceptions...*

And did I mention that it's free, and it's fun? Go ahead, write a blog.

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