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April 19, 2015

Why you should upgrade to Gmail Inbox

I've been using Gmail's Inbox since about two minutes after I knew about it, and I love it. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me why, and I have to admit that I had some difficulty boiling it down to a simple explanation. All I could really say, which is what I've said every time some new piece of software is so vastly superior to what had preceded it, was to try it.

As a teacher, I called this getting my student's *fingers into the clay*. Although I didn't teach pottery, I taught software. If you know what I mean - you gotta try it. If I could get people to try stuff like Adobe Photoshop, which I had been doing since the '90s, they would convince themselves. I would say that the most common thing I've heard is something like, *why didn't I know about this before?*

Other than the wow factor of being so much better than ordinary Gmail, there's another consideration. And this is for you people who need a negative to get motivated. Whenever there's a new version of something, the old version is on its way out. If you jump on it now, and don't like it, you can go back to the *classic* version, if you know what I mean. But only for a while. A couple of years from now, if you do start right away, you'll be an old pro, and you will wonder why so many people are complaining about being forced to change.

Try it. You'll like it.

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