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May 22, 2015

How to have the alarm on your iPhone 6 repeat every morning

I'm enjoying my iPhone, and experimenting mostly, and this morning I noticed that the alarm which went off yesterday morning didn't automatically do it again this morning. I guess I kind'a thought that you set it and it would stay that way until you turned it off, going off every morning at the same time. It doesn't, and I can understand why. No one wants alarms going off, if they don't know what caused them! But if you do want an alarm every morning, without having to reset it all of the time, you can.

Go to your clock app, and select *repeat*. Now, don't look for a button that says *repeat every day*, which would be nice. You have to select each day. Each day gets a check mark. It makes logical sense once you see why they do it that way. Takes a few extra steps, but I can understand why they make it so intentional. Alarms going off automatically would not be a good thing!

So now my alarm will go off tomorrow morning, and every morning afterwards. Cool.

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